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2017 5C Doe Hunt

2017 UBP 5C Hunt
SEPTEMBER 21 - 23, 2017


This event started years ago as a way for UBP members to get together for a hunt down in the “Special Regs” area before the regular archery season started. It was small with only 6 hunters and was a one day hunt. Over the years it has grown into a multi-day hunt and campout and we have built quite a good rapport with the local farmers and landowners. It is a very family friendly event, and although a lot of the participants know each other, every year we are meeting and signing up new members. It is a great weekend of fellowship, camaraderie and of course hunting (and camping).


Our “home base” is the Kutztown  Campground(1131 Saucony Rd. Kutztown, Pa. 19530) starting on Thursday and we will break camp on Sunday. The owners are very accommodating and have basically reserved one whole section of the campground for us! Everyone is welcome to camp with us for any (or all) of those days, or if you live in the area you can sleep at home and hunt with us during the day(or hunt on your own, if you prefer). In the evenings we will have a campfire and will do  a “group” dinner Fri. (usually pizza) and Sat. (pig roast). If you prefer, you can bring something and do dinners on your own.

Camping is tent or trailer and very reasonable! There are shower and bathroom facilities on site.


This year’s hunt dates are Thurs Sept. 21 to Sat. Sept 23. You may come in Wed. Sept 20 to set up after 12 noon.


This year we are going back to a VOLUNTARY donation to Hunters Sharing the Harvest. Although we encourage everyone to donate their deer to this worthy cause, it will not be mandatory this year.


We have many local farms and properties that we have permission to hunt. (Or if you are local and wish to hunt your own properties, that is fine.)  If you hunt with us, you will be given a google earth map with info on: where to park, hunt, property boundaries and other pertinent info.


Doe tags for WMU 5C have become more limited in recent years, so we suggest if you plan to hunt with us, to get at least one tag early(do NOT wait for them to go over the counter).


Bear tags are encouraged, as bear season is open in 5C concurrent with the archery deer seasons.


Also, suckers and carp are plentiful in the stream that runs right behind camp. So if you have bowfishing equipment, bring it along. If not, don’t worry………….a lot of the guys are more than happy to share their equipment.


We hope to see you all at the 2017 UBP 5C Hunt


PLease pre-register with us at Perry.Hartmann@VA.GOV  or
(845)649-0907 in order for us to plan properly (you can pay when you register in person at campground)


UBP membership is required for the event, but memberships will be available on-site($25/yr)


Registration for the event is $20.






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